Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Have Slogans!

I received some great ideas for possible slogans for the Universal Desk. Here they are:

From Tony Sin:
"When news breaks ... We fix it"
"Copy editors kick ass and take names accurately"

From Darrin Peschka:
As a fan of "Project Runway" my first slogan suggestion would be,
"Make it work"

My second would be:
"You're f-in kiddin' me"
Definitely more appropriate but probably not as couth. : )

From Rebecca Whitnall:
This isn’t original, as I saw it on a t-shirt (who knew there were copy editor t-shirts???) but I thought it was cute:
"To infinitives and beyond"

And from Steve Greenberg:
"Three times the work, for the same pay!"
"So much work, so many empty desks"

Which one is your favorite?

Any other ideas?