Thursday, November 20, 2008

-30- Rock 'n' Roll

Two years ago on Nov. 30, I created this blog for the Ventura County Star’s Universal Desk. And this Nov. 30, five years after coming to work at The Star, will be my last day as an employee at the paper (My last day in the office is Nov. 21). I and 16 other newsroom colleagues (44 paperwide) have been laid off.

The past five years have been exciting, challenging, fun, hectic, rewarding, frustrating, interesting, tiring, exhilarating – I could go on, but copy editors hate too many adjectives. I’ve worked as a journalist for 27 years and I don’t yet know if my next job will be as a journalist.

To those who remain at The Star: It’s been a pleasure working with you. If I could give a bit of advice, it would be to compliment your colleagues more for jobs well done. Don’t let complaints and criticism be the only things co-workers hear about.

I read an interview with Ted Turner in Time magazine, and he said this: “You can’t always stay in the place where you’d like to be.” (He was referring to his marriage to Jane Fonda, but what the heck.) Anyway, to those who are leaving, my hope for you is that you find a new place where you’d like to be.

Feel free to keep in contact with me (job notices, employment tips, notes of support or just to say hi) by e-mail at patricia (at)

-30- Rock

(Thanks to graphic artist/editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg for my caricature. Greenberg has been laid off as well.)

Note: I have been allowed to keep this blog up, although nothing else will be added to it after I leave.