Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Have Slogans!

I received some great ideas for possible slogans for the Universal Desk. Here they are:

From Tony Sin:
"When news breaks ... We fix it"
"Copy editors kick ass and take names accurately"

From Darrin Peschka:
As a fan of "Project Runway" my first slogan suggestion would be,
"Make it work"

My second would be:
"You're f-in kiddin' me"
Definitely more appropriate but probably not as couth. : )

From Rebecca Whitnall:
This isn’t original, as I saw it on a t-shirt (who knew there were copy editor t-shirts???) but I thought it was cute:
"To infinitives and beyond"

And from Steve Greenberg:
"Three times the work, for the same pay!"
"So much work, so many empty desks"

Which one is your favorite?

Any other ideas?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Headline Heaven

Some headline writers delighted in the Eliot Spitzer scandal. (Darrin admitted she resisted the urge to use "Mr. Clean" in our headline.) I did a search of A1 headlines of papers in the greater New York area, and here are a few gems:

New York Daily News:
Niagara (Falls) Gazette:
Prostitution scandal may bring down governor
The Record (New Jersey):
'Mr. Clean' soiled
Spitzer in Bergen call-girl scandal
And a favorite, in the New York Post:
On MSNBC, Chris Matthews was interviewing a New York Daily News reporter today. He asked her if she had ever met those "guys in the green eye shades" who write those great tabloid headlines for her paper. He said he assumed they were guys. The reporter said no, she had never met them, but that they had "a rare skill." Guess we should take comfort in the fact that our reporters have met us. And we aren't all old guys wearing green eye shades!